Documents related to the workplace necessary for applying for a work visa now include a registry.

Copy of the building register

Previously, when applying for a work visa (including change of status or certificate of eligibility applications), submission of documents related to the workplace where the applicant works was required.

Until now, only submission of documents such as lease contracts, drawings, and photographs of the building was required. However, recently, submission of a copy of the building register has also become necessary.

In other words, immigration authorities believe it is necessary to verify whether the lessor stated in the lease contract is the rightful owner of the building. This is likely because there has been an increase in falsification of lease contracts.

I have always thought that if only a lease contract and photographs or drawings were required, one could easily submit falsified documents with unrelated company drawings or photographs and get away with it.

In the future, please be aware that a set of four documents related to the workplace is required: the lease contract, drawings, photographs, and a copy of the building register.