Immigration Lawyer office that specializes in applying for Japan Visas, Status of Rsidence, and Naturalization permits for foreigners

Please feel free to contact us about Japan Visas and Status of Residence for foreigners.

Please feel free to contact us regarding matters related to foreigners, such as Japan visas, status of residence, permanent residence applications, naturalization permission applications, employment of foreigners, and marriage to foreigners.

Free consultation by phone and email.

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There is a fee for face-to-face consultation (6,000 yen per hour including tax), but if you request a visa, status of residence, naturalization permission SUPPORT, etc. within 3 months, the price will be reduced accordingly.  

About Immigration Lawyer ONE STOP OFFICE


Immigration Lawyer ONE STOP OFFICE is an Immigration Lawyer office in Kameari, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo. We specialize in visas, residence status, and naturalization permit applications for foreigners. There are more than 2,000 consultations per year, and more than 300 applications for visas and status of residence per year. Please consult the Immigration Lawyer ONE STOP OFFICE for foreign visas, status of residence, employment of foreigners, and marriage to foreigners.

Employment of foreigners and visa consultation

Foreign workers are becoming an indispensable force for Japan today. There are many companies that cannot survive without foreign workers and employees. Please feel free to contact us at any time regarding employment of foreigners, visas and status of residence for foreign employees.


Marriage with a foreigner and visa consultation

Marriage with a foreigner is not at all uncommon nowadays, but the Immigration bureau is still operating from the perspective of preventing fake marriages. However, in order to ensure that your spouse’s visa is obtained and lead a happy married life, it is necessary to correctly understand the intentions of the Immigration authorities and take appropriate measures. Please consult the one-stop administrative scrivener office for marriage of foreigners and acquisition of visas and status of residence.


Permanent residence application support

One of the goals of foreigners living in Japan is to obtain a “Permanent Resident” status. However, the difficulty of applying for Permanent Residence is increasing year by year. Immigration Lawyer ONE STOP OFFICE provides the best consulting to ensure that you are permitted to apply for Permanent Residence.


Support for Naturalization permission application

Foreigners who have lived in Japan for more than 5 years may be able to apply for Naturalization permission and acquire Japanese nationality. However, there are so many application documents for Naturalization permission application that it is difficult for foreigners to prepare by themselves, and it is necessary to visit the Legal Affairs Bureau many times.

Immigration Lawyer ONE STOP OFFICE strongly supports the acquisition of Japanese nationality by acting on behalf of the preparation of the troublesome naturalization permission application documents.

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